Exhibition / 52-Hour-Lab
Thomas Macho
“faire l'âme monstrueuse”
Produktionsstrategien der Angst
in der künstlerischen Avantgarde

Jean-Baptiste Joly
The Artist’s Fear of Her-/Himself

Nikolaus A. Adams
Space Transportation and Dual Use
of Aerospace Technology

Dennis Farber
Fear is Just Another Word
for Someone Left to Please

Christofer Hierold
Carbon Nanotube Sensors

Petros Koumoutsakos
Computing: An Indispensable
Friend or Foe?

Maren Rieger
Dealing with Fear—
Keep Your Distance

Photo Gallery

Christofer Hierold
Carbon Nanotube Sensors

The presentation reports on research for Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Sensors and discusses challenges in CNT fabrication and integration. CNT are known today as macromolecular structures with unprecedented mechanical, thermal and electronic properties. These properties are utilized, among others, for mechanical and chemical sensors, allowing for the next step in sensor and system integration for autonomous sensor systems. Discussing these opportunities requires the discussion of perceived risks that accompany this new class of nano material. The presentation also attempts to connect options, risk and fear as an intrinsic non-specific perception of the threatening unknown.

Soon, the full manuscript of the lecture will be posted on this site.