Exhibition / 52-Hour-Lab
Bernhardt Herbordt, Melanie Mohren
Promise, Practice, Protocol—
Performing Future Presences

Are You Meaning Company
The Ten People No. 3

Matthias Böttger
Garden Without Us

Corinne May Botz
Haunted Houses

Marcelo Cardoso Gama
Unvisible Singing III: A Souvenir

Jonathan Garfinkel
Manufactured Soundscapes

Javier Hinojosa
Emphemeral Traps

Eunjung Hwang
Creature Feature Animation

Alicja Karska, Aleksandra Went
From the Cycle

Daniel Kötter, Begum Erciyas
5 Falsche Versprechen

Pei-Wen Liu, Tobias Hoffmann

Marcell Mars
What Is Smart? What Is Stupid?

Matthias Aron Megyeri

Kaiwan Mehta
Species of Traces
An Archaeology of Journeys
of Exact Portraits of Identifiable
Existing Originals

Kerstin Meyer
What Am I Doing Here?
An Exchange Between Artists
and Professionals
of International Development

Damir Očko
Steps over the Frozen Lake

Mike Osborne
Near Monochromes

Bernardo Oyarzún
Reality Set

Dubravka Sekulić
Future Presences

Alexander Sigman
detritus | reconstructions

Katarzyna Sowula
Where Is the Truth
about the Past?

José Carlos Teixeira
Between Clarity & Fog

The New Schicksalsgemeinschaft
(Jan Altmann/Zoran Terzic/Daragh Reeves)
ZEN & SPLATTER (Laundry Chinoise)

Photo Gallery

Jonathan Garfinkel
Manufactured Soundscapes

It starts with The Visitor, a fictional/real character who wanders the castle (see contribution by Marcelo Cardoso Gama). At a certain hour, of a certain day, he sits in a room with The Writer and gives his impressions. The format is the interview. The Writer tries to make sense of this fiction/reality. He asks questions. He is not always sure he understands, in fact, he never understands, but he continues to ask questions. He is curious. He is a voice of reason in this multi-layered reality. But he too gets swept up in the chaos and his sense of reason becomes challenged. He holds his ground best he can.

Interview 1


Jonathan Garfinkel

Later the interviews turn to drink; and the drink leads to more questions; there are conversations and the sound of what makes the artist tick. And so The Writer’s archive unearths something of the inner workings of the mechanisms of art and the institution, and the experiment (living) of 52 hours.

Interview 2

Interview 3

Venues: archive, studio 14 (ground floor) and elsewhere

Photo by Anne Vollenbröker