Exhibition / 52-Hour-Lab
Bernhardt Herbordt, Melanie Mohren
Promise, Practice, Protocol—
Performing Future Presences

Are You Meaning Company
The Ten People No. 3

Matthias Böttger
Garden Without Us

Corinne May Botz
Haunted Houses

Marcelo Cardoso Gama
Unvisible Singing III: A Souvenir

Jonathan Garfinkel
Manufactured Soundscapes

Javier Hinojosa
Emphemeral Traps

Eunjung Hwang
Creature Feature Animation

Alicja Karska, Aleksandra Went
From the Cycle

Daniel Kötter, Begum Erciyas
5 Falsche Versprechen

Pei-Wen Liu, Tobias Hoffmann

Marcell Mars
What Is Smart? What Is Stupid?

Matthias Aron Megyeri

Kaiwan Mehta
Species of Traces
An Archaeology of Journeys
of Exact Portraits of Identifiable
Existing Originals

Kerstin Meyer
What Am I Doing Here?
An Exchange Between Artists
and Professionals
of International Development

Damir Očko
Steps over the Frozen Lake

Mike Osborne
Near Monochromes

Bernardo Oyarzún
Reality Set

Dubravka Sekulić
Future Presences

Alexander Sigman
detritus | reconstructions

Katarzyna Sowula
Where Is the Truth
about the Past?

José Carlos Teixeira
Between Clarity & Fog

The New Schicksalsgemeinschaft
(Jan Altmann/Zoran Terzic/Daragh Reeves)
ZEN & SPLATTER (Laundry Chinoise)

Photo Gallery

Javier Hinojosa
Emphemeral Traps

This series of installations emerged from the observation of the way sidewalks are repaired in some mega-cities from so-called postcolonial countries.

Javier Hinojosa, Steg

Javier Hinojosa, Steg

Javier Hinojosa, Steg

Generally, we can find fresh concrete at the middle of a sidewalk with no warning sign, only the wooden mold that holds the material. The structure becomes a trap; sometimes there is no choice but to round the entire block to keep walking. Street dogs and teenagers are less careful and our sidewalks generally are slabs of permanent footprints and strange messages for posterity. Rarely, can we find a proper warning sign beside a construction site. Sometimes even the trees hold some parts of the structures inside of some construction. The image is amazing in its contradiction contents and generates a kind of fear when one has to pass by. Sometimes, and this happens in every city, grass grows between the tails of an abandoned or semi-abandoned place. This effect can start with a very subtle and nice green grass emergency, but it can also slowly collapse the entire house.

Javier Hinojosa, Gras

Javier Hinojosa, Gras

Javier Hinojosa, Gras

Ephemeral Traps intends to talk about certain quotidian fears in our everyday walks through a collapsing city.

Javier Hinojosa, Baum

Javier Hinojosa, Baum

Javier Hinojosa, Baum


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